Croisiere Tahiti catamaran • Croisière Polynésie voile et plongée

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Society Archipelago and Tuamotu Cruise


Come EXPLORE, by sail, the magnificent Tuamotu atolls and other exceptional seabeds whose visibility is beyond belief.

Your arrival by plane from mainland France or Europe will be guaranteed according to Polynesian traditions, flower necklaces and local songs.


Progress of the cruise

Residence on board the catamaran with Diving Pack
20 day tour

Day 1 :

Arrival at 10:30 p.m. at the port of Papeete.
Our boat will welcome you directly to TAHITI Marina in Papeete with a welcome punch and installation on board.

Day 2 :

Departure for Marina Taina via the lagoon to reach the Eleuthera Diving center.
2 dives

Day 3 :

Departure for Moorea (2 hours of navigation) to reach Cook Bay.

Day 4:

Discovery of Moorea.
1 dive

Day 5 :

Departure for the Atoll of Tetiaora (4 hours of navigation) and discovery of the Atoll.

Day 6 :

Morning Tetiaroa Atoll and departure for Rangiroa (26 hours of navigation with night navigation). ​

Day 7 :

Navigation for Rangiroa and arrival on the 9th late afternoon.

Day 8 :

Sailing in the lagoon and visiting the blue lagoon.
Rangiroa Atoll 6 dives planned.

Day 9 :

Navigation towards the PALM motu. Discovery of fossilized reefs.
Trolling. Rangiroa Atoll 6 dives planned.

Day 10 :

Navigation towards the southern tip of the atoll.
Discovery of pink sandbanks.
Rangiroa Atoll 6 dives planned.
Departure for Huahine (26 hours of night navigation)

Day 11 :

Navigation for Huahine

Days 12-13 :

Huahine North and South and Huahine dives past Fiti and discovery of the island.
1 dive
Arrival around 7am.
Disembarkation at FARE visit the village and the market.
Navigation in the lagoon towards Hana Iti beach, lunch at anchor.
Return around 5 p.m. to FARE for anchorage in front of the MAITAI hotel.
Swimming on the hotel beach.

Day 14 :

Huahine – Raiatea (4 hours of navigation).
Discovery of Raiatea and 1 dive planned

Day 15 :

Raiatea and Tahaa visit the Vanilla Grove.

Day 16 :

Tahaa visits motu and PMT.
Departure for Bora Bora (4 hours of navigation)

Days 17 -19 :

Discovery of Bora 4 dives.
Sailing in the lagoon.
Snorkeling with Manta rays.
Lunch on the motu lagoonarium and visit.

Day 20 :

Departure for Tahiti for 8 people inter-island flight.
Navigation towards the BLUE HEAVEN ISLAND motu.
Snorkeling in a natural aquarium.
Navigation towards the BLUE HEAVEN ISLAND motu.
Snorkeling in a natural aquarium.
Disembarkation at the airport.


Civil liability insurance

Conveying the catamaran BORA BORA / TAHITI

Sheets and towels provided

Guide and hostess

Kayaks – Fishing and snorkeling equipment

Water and gas

Gasoline for the annex with 15 HP outboard

Fuel for the main engine

Full board with cooker on board

Sailboat with skipper


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